About Mediabemanning

Since 2001, Mediabemaning has specialized in sourcing executives and specialists for the Communications industry. Through the recruitment of key personnel, professionals and managers across leading marketing and communications environments in Norway, Mediabemannjng has demonstrated expertise working within technology and design environments, marketing and communications departments, advertising and media agencies, management consulting companies, organizations, unions and government agencies. Our work spans board appointments, recruitment of senior executives; departmental and technical managers; and operational professionals at all levels.

Mediabemanning also has extensive experience assisting international companies establish operations in Norway, and in the recruitment of new top management candidates for international businesses. For more information on how we work or our pricing structure, please contact one of our advisors.


Henrik Sandberg, CEO, & partner - henrik@mediabemanning.no - +47 907 39 816

Ole Janzso, partner & advisor - ole@medibemanning.no - +47 977 74 771

Eivind Ruud Johnsen, partner & advisor - eivind@mediabemanning.no - +47 922 82 349